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Managed Network Services & VPN (Virtual Private Network) for businesses in Durban & KZN.

Wavelengths delivers on time, every time. We trust Wavelengths with all our connectivity challenges” - Durban Airconditioner manufacturer.

Companies need to connect all branches and mobile users, no matter how geographically dispersed, to their business applications, securely and with maximum uptime.

Managing a company network is expensive and complex. Companies in Durban & KZN are now able to outsource their networks to ensure network uptime and quality of service, while maintaining high security levels at reduced costs.

Wavelengths offer Managed Network Solutions with quality of service to connect companies, remote sites and users from all over the world.

Wavelengths VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution offers guaranteed levels of service. The measured metrics are availability, packet loss, jitter and round trip time. The service is configured to a Cisco standard, ensuring that it is AVVID (architecture for voice, video and integrated data) compliant.

Wavelengths Managed Network Solutions

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