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Wavelengths delivers on time, every time. We trust Wavelengths with all our connectivity challenges” - Durban Airconditioner manufacturer.

Hosted Cloud Solutions including Co-Location, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Server Hosting, Application Hosting and Web Hosting for Durban & KZN Businesses.

Wavelengths Hosted Cloud Solutions are designed to provide value added services and back office applications from the core of our network. Using either our dedicated hosting solutions or Virtual Infrastructure - our product suite will allow your business to focus on its core services while we deliver seamless integration of your Cloud services into the network.

Technical resources are not only expensive but hard to find, using our Hosted Cloud Solutions like Co-Location and Application Hosting frees your business up from making large capex investments or opex commitments in infrastructure and services that may not be core to your business.

Clients in Durban & KZN need a solution that allows them to access their office systems from anywhere in the world and operate it on flexible infrastructure that can be ramped up or down on demand. In order to achieve this, businesses are moving towards low risk high flexibility IT delivery vehicles, and away from capital, resource intensive models that tie a business into a single vendor and technology for a long period of time.

Companies require the information contained in their website, ecommerce solution or business application to be physically secure and constantly available. Companies need to know that the best measures available are being used to maintain uptime, and that their hosting company understands the various regulations they have around their server’s physical security.

By leveraging our economies of scale and our best of breed technologies, we offer you the agility to scale services as your business evolves. By providing up to the minute monitoring of business critical systems and servers or ensuring your data is securely backed up to distributing your content Cloud solution offers clients true pay per use management and infrastructure services that can mould to your business needs.



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