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Fax to Email Solutions for business in Durban & KZN.

Wavelengths delivers on time, every time. We trust Wavelengths with all our connectivity challenges” - Durban Airconditioner manufacturer.

Enabling employees to receive faxes directly over e-mail makes the faxing process so much simpler, ensuring that potentially important documents reach their destination timeously and can be dealt with effectively via Fax to Email Solutions.

Fax2email is more secure and more efficient than traditional faxing. No software is required and faxes are free to receive and can easily be forwarded by e-mail.

Every employee can be provided with a unique number and faxes can be encrypted. The solution offers online reporting, monitoring and a 14-day archive of received faxes.

Wavelenghts fax to email

Ground Floor, Unit 2, Windsor Court, 4 Derby Place, Derby Downs, Westville, Durban KZN

Tel: (+27)0861 860 000

Fax: (+27) 0866 104 907

Email: info@wave-lengths.co.za

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