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Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Security and Archiving Email Solutions for Businesses in Durban & KZN.

Wavelengths offers Microsoft Hosted Exchange which is an email solution designed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in Durban KZN with their email and related needs. All e-mail, contacts and calendars are hosted on an IS server providing efficiency and redundancy at a reduced cost. Email Security is available via our Mail Filter solution which protects enterprises against e-mail threats such as transmission of confidential data, exposure to legal liability, infection by viruses, spam and employee e-mail abuse.

We also offer Email Archiving thereby providing email retention, management and compliance solution accessible through an easy-to-use web interface. Our Messaging product set facilitates a range of managed SMS solutions enabling companies to improve client service by extending their communications reach.

Companies are always looking for ways to improve communication between employees and with clients. Having an email solution that combines e-mail management, calendaring and sharing contacts naturally increases productivity. However, the transmission of confidential data, increased exposure to legal liability, increasing volumes of spam and the circulation of questionable content and destructive viruses means that one has to be prudent in managing organisational e-mail policies.

Our email solutions improve communication between employees and facilitate improved personal organisation for each employee, which ultimately improves productivity. Mail Security is fully outsourced taking away the pain of managing e-mail. It increases productivity and results in bandwidth savings as a result of personal email being eliminated. Spam is obliterated before it even reaches your network, reducing the risk of your network being attacked by destructive viruses. Email Security and Archiving also assist an organisation in adhering to regulatory and compliance requirements.


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