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Wavelengths is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Durban KZN, specialising in Internet and Connectivity Solutions. Our wide range of solutions include, but are not limited to Mobile Internet Access, Corporate Internet and VPN Solutions, Internet Security Solutions, a range of Hosting Solutions, from Web Hosting to Server and Application Hosting and Voice over IP (VOIP) Solutions including Least Cost Routing of your business Voice calls. Wavelengths ability to partner with our customers enables us to utilise our range of industry leading solutions, to better enable our customers business. Our strategic partnerships as well as our years of industry experience makes Wavelengths the logical choice when looking for a Connectivity Solutions Service Provider in Durban KZN.

Wavelengths delivers on time, every time. We trust Wavelengths with all our connectivity challenges” - Durban Airconditioner manufacturer.

Broadband Internet

Business ADSL

WiFi, 3G / HSDPA

Capped / Uncapped

Fixed Line Solutions

Managed Network Services

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Voice over IP (VoIP)

VoIS Mobile

Hosted PABX

WebEx Video Conferencing

Fax to Email Solutions

Email security & archiving

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Hosted Cloud Services


Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

Application Hosting

Web Hosting

Domain Registration

Managed Firewall

Antivirus Protection

Intrusion Prevention

Outsourced Firewall

Secure Connect solutions

Monitor bandwidth

Obtain Security Alerts

Subscribe to notifications

Log service requests

View backbone statistics

Ground Floor, Unit 2, Windsor Court, 4 Derby Place, Derby Downs, Westville, Durban KZN

Tel: (+27)0861 860 000

Fax: (+27) 0866 104 907

Email: info@wave-lengths.co.za

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